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About Us

Our Commitment

We are committed to achieving total customer satisfaction. From the first call to dispatch - through to job completion, we will provide superior service. Our employees are trained to complete your requests in the most efficient and precise manner. Through the process of continuous improvement, we will strive for a higher standard of service - just what our customers deserve.

... To our Customers

... To the Environment

... To the Safety of Others

As a company that relies on the resources that the environment provides, we can only offer the utmost respect in return. We are committed to having the lowest environmental footprint possible, as well as taking every precaution to ensure we do not cause harm to our surroundings. At Hoffman’s, we understand the importance of environmental sustainability and our goals on the job will be met with this in mind.

All of our employees go through a comprehensive in-house safety training program and keep all industry specific safety tickets current. They are also given one-on-one training/job shadowing in the field, until we are certain they can perform proper procedures in the safest and most efficient manner. Continual education and testing keeps our employees safe, as well as those around them.


Hoffman’s has claimed zero incidents in the past 25 years of operation, and we continue to work hard to keep our WCB rate well below industry averages.